The image “Digital World” ( Drycons, n.d)

Most of us, including myself, are well aware of the tasks completed in daily life that include use of digital technologies. I wake up in the morning with the help of my mobile phone, watch news on digital TV, scroll through updates on Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat via the internet, get to work using GPS then conduct my daily work routine using a computer, IPad or Tablet or participate in digital learning through the use of apps and digital teaching resources in online courses.

As a student myself, I understand how teaching with the help of technologies will greatly enhance the learning experience by engaging students and keeping them participating in learning. Howell (2012, p. 9) suggests, it is important to develop an attitude and aptitude that will lead one to interact with new technologies. As Montano (2012) explains, having access to digital technology allows you to experiment in pedagogy, enhance education with countless resources, automate daily tasks, instant access to information and prepare students for a future with technology widely used. As Prensky (2008) advises that advice given from students suggests that teachers think of technology as a tool but students think of it as a foundation, the basis of everything they do.


The image “Technology”(Advanced network systems, n.d)


For some of us accessibility to such technologies is still an issue as more than 4 million Australians still do not have access to the internet due to simply not being online because of cost, coverage or ability (O’Leary, 2012). My knowledge of the digital divide will be used to ensure my teaching is not hampered by the issue of no internet connection away from the school setting by ensuring that the use of computers for school work are provided in the classroom and available for use by students at lunch time for projects and that set homework does not require the use of internet connection.



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